RSU54 / MSAD54


"There was suddenly available a platform for collaboration that all kinds of people from around the globe could now plug and play, compete and connect on-in order to share work, exchange knowledge, start companies invent and sell goods and services. And as more and more of us learn how to collaborate in these new and different ways we are steadily flattening the world even more." Excerpt from Thomas Freidman (The World is Flat/A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century)

Skowhegan Area Middle School students from Margaret Pietrak's class have been involved in an intriguing ongoing collaborative project with the class of Lynne Sueoka of the Moanalua High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. What began as a science project where students shared and compared coastal environmental impact issues, evolved into a rich cultural exchange between the students. Through the use of our Tandberg video conferencing equipment, (Distance Learning) students were able connect full screen and see each other very clearly. The Hawaiian students demonstrated step by step the procedure in making a local sushi recipe and entertained our students with Hawaiian dance .Our students were able to connect their MLTI laptops to the Tandberg system and share Keynotes exhibiting Maine maple syrup collecting, cider production, hunting, and much more.


Last modified: Thursday November 20 2014