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The Project’s mission is “to preserve and enhance the Kennebec River environment
to benefit the physical, cultural,and economic well being of the greater Skowhegan Area”.

Teacher Lesson
Project Website
Local Food Notebook (the info listed below is included in the notebook)
       1. Project Planning ideas
        2. Literacy strategies
        3.Students debate organic vs non-organic              food  issues
        4. Students learn interview skills
Students create websites for local farmers

corn picking

Teacher describes lessons pertaining to the marketing of recreational facilities in Skowegan.

Click here to see the lesson - pdf

Milt Christianson

Skowhegan Communtiy Project
Research shows that young people engaged in the real work of their communities routinely meet or exceed the most rigorous educational standards. Through place-based learning, schools help students claim their identities as inhabitants and stewards of their places, and even though they might eventually leave, they understand the value of small communities". Here in MSAD#54, we are committed to providing opportunities for our students to engage in meaningful activities throughout the community. Here are examples of many student created web pages. Student Created Community Website - Oral Histories

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