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What is RTI?

Response to Intervention ( RTI) is a systemic and data based method for identifying, defining, and resolving students academic and/ or behavioral difficulties.

M.S.A.D. 54 is responding to state and federal mandates to have a Response to Intervention program in place by the creation of a RTI development committee.

This committee, which meets at least monthly, is made up of general and special education staff from across the district. Members are:

  • Patty Moody  Co-Chair   Email
  • Tabitha Brewer Co-Chair- Email
  • Mary McCann Baker - Email
  • Monica Pollard - Email
  • JoEllen Gifford - Email

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The RTI committee welcomes your questions and/or comments. All submitted questions and comments will be discussed at our monthly meetings and our response will follow.

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Last modified: Thursday June 01 2017