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Title I Information Video

Title I Parents can borrow the following video tapes from their child’s Title I educator to view at home.

Reading to Learn – This 24 minute video is presented in three segments.
(Grades K-2)

  • In segment #1, a dad reads to his three year old daughter, allowing her to choose from three colorful, limited text books. As he reads aloud, he asks questions that build her vocabulary, check her understanding of numbers and colors, and add to her knowledge.

  • In segment #2, a mom and her five year old daughter choose a book before going to bed. They read and giggle their way through a favorite story.

  • In the third segment, a mom reads to her two sons, ages six and eight. This story is a familiar subject and as the mom reads, the boys interject their knowledge and ask questions
    Homework Help for Parents – This 28 minute video is offered to parents with a “Homework Toolkit” which includes items that can make doing homework easier. (Grades 3-6)

Homework Help for Parents features an educator who discusses the why and how of making homework a more organized and productive experience for both students and parents. The educator demonstrates the toolkit items. Tips are shared on preparing an organized space for the student to work and getting the homework back to school.

NEW in 2007 – A math video featuring the MSAD 54 Math Specialist who will offer hints and strategies for parents to assist their children with math at home. (Grades 3-5)



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