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MSAD 54 PowerLearning Login Page PowerTeacherPro Overview PDF  
Unified Classroom ~ Tools for a Successful Rollout PowerTeacher Pro User Guide (Full Manual) MSAD 54 Grades 9-12 Setting UP PowerTeacherPro
PowerSchool Classroom Understanding the Basics for new PTP Users Using PowerTeacher Pro QRC-for Teachers Working with Grades (clip from PowerSchool Guide)
UC Intro to Class Pages QRC Navigation of PowerTeacherPro-PowerGrade MSAD 54 Grades 4-8 Setting Up PowerTeacher Pro
Unified Classroom Grading In-Depth QRC Video Series by Ken O'Connor  Creating a Checklist/Roster with PowerTeacherPro
Unified Classroom Support PowerTeacherPro Video SAHS-Entering HOW Grades
Unified Classroom Using Class Pages QRC Effective Grading and PowerTeacher Pro Creating Group Emails for Parents/Guardians
Unified Classroom Solutions QRC Put Time Back in Your Day with PowerTeacher Pro Scoresheet Report
Unified Classroom Using the Assessment Tool QRC PowerTeacherPro Labs ~ Click Get Username Entering Transfer Grades

Unified Classroom Help

Admins: https://docs.powerschool.com/UCHA

Terms and Dates for 2017-18

Teachers: https://docs.powerschool.com/UCHT

  Effort and Conduct Screenshots -Guide

Students and Parents: https://docs.powerschool.com/UCHSP

  Recalculate Final Scores

Unified Classroom Resources in PowerSource: https://support.powerschool.com/s/unified_classroom

  SAMS-Guide to Correct Trimester Grades Showing in Semester Term
    Attendance - Entering Attendance
    Creating an Assignment with Standards Being Assessment
    Student Roster Report
    Startpage Diagram
        Lunch Counts - Entering and Pulling the Counts

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