MSAD #54 Skowhegan Area High School


PowerSchool/Grade Guidesheets and Important Dates

Shore Tell 115 || Shore Tell 230

Playposit (EduCanon) Knowlege Base (Use this software with YouTube Video instead of Playlists)

Curriculum Software
Accucess-Unlocking a Test
Blogs in Plain English
CILC ~ Video Conference Search
CometDocs - Converting Files
Digital Photography
Download Make Use Of (Many Guides)
ExamView and Moodle (OLD-Not for 3.0)
ExamView and Moodle 3.0
ExamView with Graphics Export to Moodle 3.0
Excel Central
Excel Spreadsheet Made Easy (Blog)
Excel Tutorial
Google Site ~ How To
Grab Guide (Mac)
HOW-Entering HOW Scores
HTML Tutorial
iLife 11-GarageBand, iMovie, etc
iMovie from U of Texas
Learning Electric Many Tutorials
Moodle Docs - Guides
Moodle Resources-Guides
Online Courseware-54Moodle
Curriculum Software ~Row 2
Interactive-BrightLink Projector
Interactive-Promethean-ActivInspire from
Interactive-Promethean-Building Your Library
Interactive-SMART Exchange
Neo Office User Guide
Newsletter; 3-Column(Word)
PhotoStory for Windows (Website)
Photostory for Windows PDF
Podcasting with GarageBand
Podcasting in Plain English
PowerPoint -Avoiding Death by PPT
PowerPoint from ACTDEN (Win)
PowerPoint from FunctionX (Win)
PowerPoint Templates Investintech
Prezi-Getting Started
Prezi-Grouping and Sharing
Prezify Your Slides (Keynote & PPT)
Publisher-Greeting Card
Research-MLA Format (Word-PC) (Word-Mac)
Setting Word Defaults Movie Guide
Setting Word Defaults Paper Guide
Sound Studio
TriFold Brochure (Word)
Wiki-Insert Image
Wikis In Plain English
YouTube Channel Instructions
Email / Internet/Assessments
Accucess-Unlock Test
Apple TV Guide
Burning DVD/CD with Air and Superdrive
Connecting to TS1 ~ Profund
Creating Apple Id without a Credit Card
Migrating Graduating Student's Google Accounts
NWEA Reports
Requistion Guide
RSU 54 Webmail
RSU 54 Email -Turn off Clutter



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