MSAD #54 Skowhegan Area High School

PLATO Checklists & Guides

English Math Social Studies Science
English 09 V4 PreAlg - SemA and B US History Part 1 Sophomores Biology Level1 SemA and B
English 10 V4 Algebra 1 V4 US History Part 2 Juniors Chemistry College SemA and B
English 11 V4 Algebra 2 V4 Government -Rev 5-14 ChemistryColOpt SemA and B
English 12 V4 Geometry V4 Geography -Rev 5-13 Physics
  Algebra 1 part 1   Physical-IPS
Financial Literacy MSLC  
Financial Literacy 6/13   Earth/Environmental Science VS 2  
Guides and other Resources
PLE Instructor Quick Reference Guide Full PLATO Course List    



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