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Stories from 2009 to 2010

Stories from 2012

Children’s Story Reading Project After having completed a poetry reading project, the students were more comfortable with fluency and technology. That meant that the children’s story project could function as a review of these skills as well as a way to go into more depth. We started by researching the benefits of reading to children. The students read three articles that were posted on Moodle and then wrote research journals on Moodle. This culminated in a research paper in which MLA format, quote integration, and works cited were practiced. The students then brainstormed their favorite children’s books and each chose one to bring in. The next step was planning and building a set. Each class had a corner of the classroom to use. After the sets had been built we had a practice session in which we discussed techniques for reading to children, tone, and fluency. The students gave each other feedback on reading. Next came the videotaping followed by editing and creating entrance and exit slides. For these aspects the students made use of Fireworks, Photo Shop, iMovie, iTunes, and Garage Band. Through this project students were able to utilize fluency and tone while using the available technology to enhance these skills. Another remarkable thing about this project is that it gave students a way to interact with the community on a personal level because these movies will be available to elementary schools to use with their students and because they explained why they chose their books and related them to their lives.



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