MSAD #54 Skowhegan Area High School
Poetry Reading
Elizabeth Wathen's English Class

frostI got the idea for the poetry reading project after researching the Poetry Out Loud competition and the Favorite Poem Project. I used elements of both to create this project. We started reading different poems and working with those, we wrote poems based on styles, and I also showed them video clips from the Favorite poem project as models. The students proceeded to choose favorite poems and find information on the Internet about the poems and the authors. The students then presented to the class and were videotaped. The last step for them was to use technology: imovie, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Garage Band, in order to finalize their projects and make them fit for the Internet. Through this project students were able to utilize fluency and analysis with poetry while using the available technology to enhance these skills. Another remarkable thing about this project is that it gave students a way to interact with the poetry on a personal level because they explained why they chose their poems and related them to their lives.

Poetry Reading Class 2009 Click the link below

Poetry Reading Class - 2009


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