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                                              Video Conference at SAHS

SAHS is pleased to share a recent video conference that our students were able to attend. Since receiving the Tandberg video conferencing equipment through a grant, we have been in constant search of best practice connections. I was able to find one of those connections with Jennifer Lawson from the International Studies in Schools (ISIS) at Indiana University. International Studies In Schools uses interactive video technology to connect K-12 schools and community groups across the United States with Indiana University international students, scholars, and specialists. Through this program we were able to have a conversation with Magortu Emmanuel, a native of Sierra Leone. We plan to make many more connections with this program and are currently establishing an interview with a spokesperson for East Asia and our Geography classes. Please read the comments from our teachers and view the interview for more information.

Thank you, Dorothy Small


Tandberg Video Conferencing Equipment

Video conference presentation through the International Studies In Schools (ISIS) at Indiana University


Paula Doughty's Sociology Class

classroomOn January 13th, 2010 my sociology class was fortunate to attend a video conference with a young man who grew up in Sierra Leone and is now attending college in the United States. This opportunity perfectly fit into a culture unit we were working on and our year focus on social globalization issues. This interview was shared and taught in conjunction with a junior English class who were reading a historical novel about Sierra Leone. Offering this video conference in “real time” to our students was an exciting and valuable experience. The discussion with the young man in the conference personalized the information and allowed the students to fully realize the information and concepts of our studies, and we all learned new information and formed new perceptions that can’t be obtained in written print.

I highly recommend these video conferences as an exceptional opportunity for the students and teachers in S.A.D. 54. They are a very enriching educational experience.

Paula C. Doughty

Kathleen Lynch's English Class

A Long Way Gone ImageSkowhegan Area High School students from Paula Doughty’s sociology class and Kathleen Lynch’s English class were fortunate to participate in a video conference presentation through the International Studies In Schools (ISIS) at Indiana University.

Lynch’s class, who is currently reading
'A Long Way Gone' by Ishmael Beah, wanted to have a conversation with someone who has been to Sierra Leone and/or someone who could share experiences they have had with this culture. Dorothy Small was able to find and arrange for Magortu Emmanuel, a native of Sierra Leone, to meet with the students and discuss his experience, life, and culture. The presentation took place on January 18th 2010 in the Media Center at the high school. The classes really enjoyed this presentation and many have joined Magortu on his Facebook page and have become interested in reaching out to the people of Sierra Leone.

MSAD#54 Awarded $486,410 by USDA Rural Development

On October 7, 2007 the U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded MSAD #54 a Distance Learning and Telemedicine grant in the amount of $486,410. The focus of this grant will be to enhance Distance Learning resources and opportunities for district schools and the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. MSAD #54 will build a video conferencing infrastructure that will allow virtual field trips, real time video conferences and direct instruction with other schools in the district, other Maine schools and institutions here in the United States and around the world. In the Fall of 2008 video conferencing equipment and infrastructure was installed in all district schools.

This is an exciting opportunity that will provide MSAD #54 students and staff with 21st. century tools to enhance instruction and broaden the educational experience. Advanced telecommunications services play a vital role in the economic development, education and health care of rural Americans.
Dave Person
Director of Technology Services

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