Multiple Pathways

Multiple Pathways, funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, is at Somerset Career and Technical Center and Skowhegan Area High School. Multiple Pathways supports engaging learning experiences that bolster skills in literacy, numeracy, inquiry, problem solving, communications, collaboration and creativity - to prepare students for higher education, future careers and citizenship.
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Faculty have taken leadership roles, both formal and informal, in Multiple Pathways and related campus initiatives. Multiple Pathways would not be possible without the leadership of faculty - including those who have been providing Multiple Pathways type activities all along - and involvement/leadership of students, parents, community, RSU 54 administration, school board and schools. Others involved with Multiple Pathways are:
  • Dave Keaton, Director of Somerset Career and Technical Center
  • Rick Wilson, Principal, Skowhegan Area High School
  • Ron Bonnevie, Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator
  • Julie Bartsch, Senior Associate, Great Schools Partnership




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