Throughout this school year, our biology class has been working with the University of Southern Maine ScienceCorps on a long-term project involving identification of micro and macroorganisms in a tank of pond water in our classroom.
Two graduate “fellows” from USM, Tracy Baumgarten and Kelly Cochran, visited our classroom about once a month to work with the students. They brought with them equipment used in current biological research as well as expertise in their fields as research scientists. Students worked alongside these fellows learning new technologies and applying them in lab situations.

USM invited our students to attend their annual Thinking Matters Symposium on April 30 on the Portland campus. Some of our SAHS students exhibited a poster they had worked on for about three weeks. Four other high schools from northern Maine, and USM graduate and undergraduate students also presented their research. Visitors from the University as well as community members viewed the posters (ranging over many topics; from genetics to building materials) asking questions and learning from our students. An oral presentation of the work done at each high school was also given.