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Social Studies Staff

      Annenberg Classroom Civics Education  
Paula Doughty Email Website Govt. & Econ. Systems C-Span
    PortaPortal Psychology NationStates
      Sociology State of Maine/SAHS Election Ballot
      Killers of the 20th Century Learning Styles Online
      Student Educational Exchange Philosophy Quiz
      Teacher Evaluation Survey    
Angela Schaeffer Email US History Class Website NationStates  
Kara Gibson Email    
Heather Ross Email Website Stimulus Plan Elections of 1912
      Progressive Era Links The New Deal
      WWII Annotated Bibliographies 1920's History Project
      Veteran's Cemetery Project Violence Survey
  Learning Styles Inventory EduBlogs
      Founders Quiz  
Dave Evans Email  
Bill Laney   Website Solar System Project Mars Exploration Homepage
      Progressive Era Links  
Mary Chase Email Website     
Morgan Petrak Email       



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