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Below you will find a movie listing of movies now housed on our Internal Movie Server (s30). When you watch movies from this server you are not using the bandwidth. My plan is to help you build this list so that you can take advantage of the many video resources available from uTube and other locations. If you would like to have a movie saved to this server please let me know and I will work with you to build this resource. Thanks DS
Social Studies
Anti-German Sentiment in WWII
1920's The Charleston
Conservation Financial Assistance WWI
Dempsey -Tunney fight
Espionage Sedition Acts
Flappers - The Roaring Twenties
5 Themes Movement
Conquistadors & Columbian Exchange
5 Themes
U.S. Child Labor, Dorsey Dixon, Babies In The Mill, Newport
Last Logdrive
Looney Tune Propaganda
WW2 Propaganda
Thai Dance 4 Regions
Trench Rats
Uncle Jay-Congress Recess
Women on the Home Front
WWI Propaganda
Rise and Fall of Spanish Empire
Saudi Women Rights
Honor Killing - Iraqi Girl Stoned
Life Today for Afghan Women
In Islama husband can kill his wife
Muslim Imam its ok to kill non-muslims
The Plight of Afghan Women
Gina Davis ~ Women on the Bridge March 8


It's All About Carbon
Brain Power - 60 Minutes
Chain Reaction -Matches
Chain Reaction-Ping Pong
Energy-Nuclear Energy
Dissociation of salt
Ionic and covalent bonding animation
Matter and Nuclear Energy
Melanoma 101
Nuclear Fission
Nuclear Fission-Animated
Nuclear Power-How It Works
NOVA Short Taking the Heat
NSN Short Aiding Aging Muscles
Protons neutrons, electrons and isotopes
Responsible e-wasterecycling
Skunked_ Forget The Tomato Juice
Survivors and Physicians Share Their Stories
The Scoop on Stretchy Ice Cream
Brave Little Tailor
Eye To Eye Ishmael Beah CBSNews
Eichmann Trial for Holocaust Crimes 1961
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann(about Wannsee)
Hoax-Chad Meyers
Hoax-Climate Change-1
Hoax-Climate Change-2
Hoax-Climate Change-3
Hoax-Climate Change-4
Hoax-Doomsday Called Off-1
Hoax-Doomsday Called Off-2
Hoax-Doomsday Called Off-3
Hoax-Doomsday Called Off-4
Hoax-Doomsday Called Off-5
Hoax-Global Warming
Hoax-Global Whining
Hoax-Hurricane Katrina
Hoax-What is Normal-1
Hoax-What is Normal-2
Hoax-What is Normal-3
Hoax-What is Normal-4
Hoax-What is Normal-5
Hoax-What is Normal-6
Why Man Creates
Sonnet 18 Shakespeare
Vic Chesnutt
Math Instruction-Farrington
Math Instruction-Libby
Spidron-Jake Primmerman
What You Know About Math
Snare etude #11 Percussion
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