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2011 - 2012

Attention ~ Yearbook Purchasing!

Price of the yearbook will be $40.00 if purchased before October 10th. In order to receive the $40.00 deal students must pay in full before October 10th If payment is not made before that date the price will go up to $45.00, and eventually, $50.00. Yearbooks will be on sale in B5 with Mr. Staples and during parent/teacher conferences. Also for your convenience the yearbook will be available for purchase online through this website:

Thank you,
Yearbook Advisors


Attention Class of 2012!!

Deadline for senior pictures, baby pictures and senior candids is Thursday October 6, 2011!!!!

All pictures must be digital!!!  This includes baby pictures & candids, so please start scanning your pictures ASAP.  If you need help ask the technology staff in the computer labs for assistance using the scanner.

If you are planning on using the school photo taken by Margit Studio as your senior portrait, you must email the yearbook advisor, Mrs. Fitzmaurice at to let her know. If submitting a CD with pictures, please label the CD with your first and last name in permanant marker and drop it in the appropriate alphabetical folder in the office. You may also upload your digital photographs directly to the yearbook website using the following address:

user ID #400114004

password: 2012lever

Be sure to name your pictures using your first name, last name, and a number or individual tag to differentiate between each file.  Otherwise we will not necessarily know who is in the picture, or we may accidentally replace pictures you have already submitted with the new pictures you upload.

Please read the informational letter below for specifics and directions:

Dear Seniors and Parents;

This letter is to provide information about yearbook expectations and procedures for the fall, so the yearbook staff can make important improvements for the 2011-2012 school year.

The deadline for the senior section of the yearbook comes very quickly in the fall, so it is important to have senior pictures taken as soon as possible this summer. Yearbook pictures can be taken by a professional or an amateur, and should be taken with a digital camera. The yearbook is designed using an online program, so all pictures submitted this upcoming year will need to be digital copies of images.

  • If a professional is taking your yearbook picture, he or she can submit a CD to the Skowhegan H.S. yearbook advisor containing all of the Skowhegan student photos.
  • If an amateur is taking your photograph, he or she can burn it to a CD and submit it or upload it using the link provided above.
  • All senior pictures should be taken with the camera set on the highest resolution setting, but should be no larger than 25 MB in file size.
  • To eliminate confusion, images should be saved as .JPG or .TIF only with your full name as the file name, and the disk should be tagged with your full name using a permanent marker.
  • If you want to submit candid pictures, please scan them using the 300 dpi resolution setting, make sure your name is part of the file name, and save them all on the same disk for submission.
  • Keep in mind that file names should be a maximum of 20 characters long with no special characters or punctuation marks.

You can now order your yearbook online!  Use the link below to order your 2012 yearbook.


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Yearbook advisors: Darcy Fitzmaurice (production) and Andrew Staples (sales)

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