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Maine Learns Writing Grants

iPhoto tutorial

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George Lucas Educational Foundation/ Edutopia Sample Semi Conductor Award

iMovie as a Slideshow

Make a webpage in iPhoto

Acid Rain Webquest
Lessons k-12 MPBC
Environmental teaching grants iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes Great Rubric Site: Add your own critera
National Council / Mathematics Government Grants Many more guidesheets for teachers.

Maine State Library Gov.Documents
National Council-English Teachers Teachers Network Student essays using INSPIRATION Library of Congress
National Science Teachers Association Teach your students Interview skills Maine History Day
National Council for Social Studies Placed Based Learning Project National History Day
American Council Foreign Languages Flight Interdiciplinary Unit

Example History Day Projects

Great Tutorials!! URSUS: Maine State Libray System
Graphic Organizers made to go!   More Tutorials Educational Resource center (ERIC)

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