People to People...Using Technology to
Reach Across the Skies of the New Millennium
Dedicated to Izzy
What you will see on this website is a collaborative project that involves people from many walks of life and students from schools in the US and France. It is based on the idea that people and places can be united through goodwill and the help of technology. It began with a vision and it ended in widespread friendship. Please follow the flight of a very special suitcase as it passes through the hands of people far and wide. Without a "Can Do" attitude and a clear Vision on the part of many, this never would have come to fruition! Many Thanks to all those who made the seemingly impossible become a reality. Students have designed and created this entire site for all of you to enjoy.

Click here Summary and Teacher Directions in Replicating this project

Click here to find out how cedar team school students use flight simulator on laptop See iMovie at our award ceremony!

1 The Crate History

4 The Decatur is launched

7 Suitcase in St. Louis

Suitcase in Paris

2 The Cranes and suitcase


5 Chuck Cianchette

8 Suitcase flies to New York

11 Suitcase in Washington D.C.

William Cohen and John Baldacci help with the project!

3 Canaan kids deliver suitcase

6 Suitcase in San Diego

9. Skowhegan Connection

(with an iMovie )

12 Suitcase and Cranes fly back to Maine

Charles Lindbergh's daughter,Reeve Lindbergh, checks out suitcase in St. Louis
Inspirational People

U.S.Representative Baldacci opens the suitcase with us (iMovie)

See the highlights of Crate Day

Skowhegan Middle
This is the People to People Main Flight Page


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