MSAD54 Skowhegan Area Middle School

Seventh Grade Latin America Project (page made by Tyler Finley-student)

  View the Latin America Project which won the National Semi Conductor Award

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Guatemala site : by Annie Sumberg and Ellie Baker

Disasters Building the Panama Canal : by Danielle Miller

Maya culture :by David Manson and Gus Hoy

Education and Human Rights Issues in Venezuela : by Emily Yearwood and Danielle Gilcott

The Panama Canal :by William Davis and Travis C.

The Inca Religion by Heather Bacheller

Honduras: By Kate Hodgdon

El Salvador: by Brooke Hayden

  The Bahamas:Not a Fantasy Land for the local People: by Ashley Nelson

  Landforms and Sights of Venezuela : by Erica Corson

The Aztec Games and Sports : by Ben Doty and Mike Theriault

The Cuban Revolution by: Amy Luce and Jason Juskewich

Student created Webs and essays

done with the program 'INSPIRATION"


Extension to Semi Conductor Project:

The goal here was to have the students write a clear essay on a topic of choice regarding Latin American . Many were able to speak to people who live in these countries and others established an e-mail contact. After research, personal contacts, and lessons in essay writing, students created these webpages. I conducted lessons on the value of secondary as well as primary sources in their research.

Enjoy their work... Ms. Richter

Other Projects to see! New Brunswick : Powerpoint by Kate and Ellie