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 Our Local Heritage Project

Students at the Skowhegan Area Middle School have been working for the past ten years, and are currently working on an in-depth study of our town, Skowhegan, Maine. Many town officials and folks from the community have been interviewed in attempts to learn more about the day to day operations of local government, and to get a feel for local history. Historical topics relating to the area have also been researched extensively. We extend a huge Thank You to all the community members who helped so far.
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Skowhegan Historical Narrative

Downtown Revitalization Project: Learning With Public Purpose

Run Of River Science Project-Ms. Wallace

Farming in Cornville by Dalton and Lucas

Contact Laura Richter with any questions about this wonderful project!

The Old Bloomfield Academy

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iMovie featuring the process involved in this community study (1:1 computing)

iMovie featuring the Impact of MLTI: A Documentary by SAMS students (Maine Learning Technology Initiative)

Heritage Project Movie-featuring the History House with Lee Granville


Father Rasle and more! 2006
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