MSAD #54 Skowhegan Area Middle School

The Project

Through the use of Tandberg video conferencing equipment, Scott Bosworth and his students at the Skowhegan Area Middle School in Skowhegan, Maine, got to meet students from Cardiff, Wales. The experience was one that the students won't soon forget. Meeting students from a school so far from Maine was both informative and enjoyable for all involved!

The students from Glyn Derw High School, teacher Amin Said had information on the history and culture of Wales and Great Britain. They sent a large national flag of Wales, a timeline of the history of Great Britain, post cards of Cardiff Castle, a book on how castles were built, and a few stuffed animals.

After lots of historical research, students came to know more about the fierce Celts who had inhabited that area in the past, the Cardiff Castle, and they even got to practice some of the Welsh language.

Students here in Skowhegan are now putting together a presentation for the Wales class depicting Maine life, recreation, industry, notable figures, state symbols, and the significance of the Maine flag.

"We found that though they are in a very urban environment, kids are kids, and we still have a lot in common. We look forward to building this classroom relationship in the future". (Scott Bosworth)


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