Health Care Careers

Alaine Roselle
Evelyn Chase R.N.

Health Care Careers

Instructor: Alaine Roselle, RN
Clinical Site Supervisor: Evelyn Chase, RN


Alaine Roselle, RNBS has worked at the Center since 1997. Her previous nursing experiences include Lutheran Medical Center in New York and Redington Fairview General Hospital in Skowhegan Maine. She continues to work per diem in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit and the Education Department at RFGH. Ms. Roselle is a member of the Maine Health Occupations Educators Association.


Evelyn Chase, ADN/RN joined the Center in 2007 as Clinical Site Supervisor. She maintains full time Redington Fairview employment, sharing her work between the Medical Surgical Unit, the Emergency Unit and the contracted hours at SCTC in the class/lab and clinical sites. Evelyn’s previous nursing positions include Blue Hill Memorial Hospital and Eastern Maine Medical Center.

There are three separate one year Health Care Career Programs:


* C.N.A. – PLUS All day - Day 1 & 70 Clinical hrs.

* Allied Health 80 minutes - Day 2

* Sophomore Introduction 80 minutes - Day 2


The primary objective for all three programs is to assist students to make informed decisions concerning career goals. The students choose the program which best suits interests, and schedules. Students may follow up the one-year abbreviated Allied Health or Sophomore Intro programs with the all day C.N.A. PLUS program.


All three programs provide experiences which enhance the students understanding of the:
* specific health care careers
* post secondary educational requirements for each career
* importance of precise, concise, respectful communication
* interdisciplinary teamwork approach essential in health care settings
* safety practices for themselves, co-workers, and patients
* the students will develop a sense of “personal fit” for specific health care careers and settings by demonstrating communication and procedure skills


The C.N.A. PLUS Program is:


* Approved by the Maine State of Nursing and the DHHS
* Offers the Maine State Nursing Assistant Curriculum, Competency Evaluation, and Registry placement


This Program begins with preparation for C.N.A. Clinical experiences by late October, completion of the C.N.A. portion by March, followed by the State Competency Examination in early May. The incorporation of more advanced career information, skills and job shadows occurs throughout the year, and then becomes the primary focus for the remainder of the school year.


The Allied Health Program is:


Designed to have students learn the foundations required for all health care careers, including ethics, communication, charting, infection control practices, and ergonomics during the first three months. The remainder of the school year focuses on each student’s specific career interest. The students are grouped into their areas of interest for class, lab and job shadow experiences. The areas include introductory to intermediate curricula for:

* Athletic Trainer * Physical Therapist
* Bio Research/Forensic * Occupational Therapist
* Dental Professions * Speech Therapist
* Laboratory Professions * Physician / Physician Assistant
* Massage Therapist * Psych /Social Professions
* Nursing Professions * Radiology/Imaging Professions
* Nutrition Professions * Respiratory Care Professions
* Pharmacist/Pharmacy Tech * Health Educators


Our curricula places emphasis on students developing excellent study habits, and increasing their awareness of personal accountability.


The students are involved in planning and implementing:

* lessons /skills demonstrations ( including teaching each other)
* community health related volunteer services and being proactive when:
*attending career fairs
* planning for and interacting with guest speakers.


Parent Meetings are held in May or June each year to introduce all new parents and students to the legalities involved when students attend health care settings. These meetings have proven to be very successful in their intent to

*foster good Parent - Instructor(s) relationships
* increase parents and students understanding of the students responsibilities and patients rights
*have students complete the necessary immunization requirements before the new school year begins