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Notice to Parents of Students Riding School Buses

AA student’s privilege to ride a school bus is conditional to the observance of the following rules.  Parents of the students are responsible for the supervision of the child until they board the bus in the morning and when the child disembarks the bus at the end of the school day. Students will only be allowed to ride their assigned bus. These rules apply to daily riding, field trips, and sport trips.

  1. All pupils must be at stop 10 minutes prior to bus stop time.  The bus cannot wait for those who are tardy. Pupils should wait for the bus at least 10 feet from the edge of the road. Pupils crossing the road should be 10 feet from the front of the bus along the road edge where they can see the driver.  The driver will signal to the child when it is safe to cross. Pupils must not go near any bus when it is moving. 
  2. The driver is in charge of the bus and pupils.  Students must obey the driver promptly and address the driver courteously.  All pupils will be assigned a seat on the bus for the year unless the driver needs to change seating. 
  3. When the bus is in motion, pupils must be seated facing the front until the bus comes to a complete stop. They must not sit sideways, backwards, stand, or move about the bus. Pupils will ask permission to open windows and will keep all body parts inside the bus at all times. 
  4. Pupils will help keep the bus clean. Pupils shall not throw things on the bus or out the windows. Pupils will not leave anything in the aisle; this includes backpacks, feet, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.  No eating or drinking on the bus at any time. Pupils will not spit out the windows or on the bus.
  5. No electronics are allowed on the buses without driver approval. Cell phone or laptops should be used only with the driver’s permission. Volume should not be so loud that others are able to hear it.
  6. Pupils will not use any toxic substances or chemicals like hair spray, nail polish or remover, perfume or cologne etc on the bus. Pupils will not light matches or use lighters. The use of tobacco products, drugs or intoxicating beverages is strictly forbidden on any bus.    
  7. Animals (including reptiles, insects, etc in containers) are never allowed on the bus for any reason. Balloons or glass containers are not allowed on the bus.
  8. Use of foul language is forbidden. This includes profane, vulgar, obscene language or swearing. All conversations should be clean. Student’s conversations should not be loud or boisterous. Students should not holler. 
  9. Pupils will not damage the bus. Possession or use of weapons or replicas of weapons on a school bus are prohibited.  
  10. Pupils should treat each other with courtesy. Fighting, pushing, or tripping is forbidden, pupils should keep hands and feet to themselves. 


  1. No pupil will leave the bus except at their authorized stop. If a child is to leave the bus anywhere other than home or school, a written request with the alternate address is needed from the parent and written permission is received from the principal. 
  2. There will be no additional riders unless there is extra room on the bus. 
  3. Students with projects that take up a lot of space or large musical or sports equipment should find an alternate ride to school.


An incident report slip must be signed by parent/guardian and returned to the bus driver the next morning. When a child receives an incident report slip, the Building Administrator (Principal) will determine the consequences of the incident. The privilege of pupils to ride the school bus is conditional on observance of these rules. Suspension from the school bus does not excuse the pupil from attending school. The parent /guardian will be responsible for the pupil’s conveyance and failure to provide this shall be considered a violation of the truancy law.