Administrators, Secretaries, Support Staff:

  • Click here to go to the login page.


  1. Please contact your school secretary to enable access
  2. To verify and begin using your account please complete the following steps.
    • Enter https://classroom.powerschool.com/welcome to display the Welcome to PowerSchool Unified Classroom! Page.
    • Enter your email address exactly as the one you gave your school secretary. This is your PowerSchool ID.
    • Click Next to display the Verify your Account page.
    • Enter the password you set up with your school secretary, and then select Verify Account to display the Create Your New Password page.
    • Enter a new password. Important: Remember this password. It is the password you will use to access Unified Classroom.
    • Select Create Password to display the Welcome to Unified Classroom page.
    • Enter the password you just created, and click Sign In. You are now in Unified Classroom!
  3. Click here if you have linked or created your account.
    • PowerSchool ID = your email
    • PowerSchool Password will be the one you set up when verifying your account.


  • Click here to create a New Account
  • Click here to go to the login page. Scroll down to the Google Sign On button and sign in with your 54 Google Credentials.

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