District Wellness Policy

The RSU 54/MSAD 54 School District recognizes the importance of physical and psychological health, and acknowledges the relationship between personal wellness and academic performance. Additionally, RSU 54/MSAD 54 believes that students who learn and practice healthy lifestyles in their formative years may be more likely to be conscious of the importance of good nutrition and exercise as adults, practice healthy habits, and reduce their risk of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. The practice of healthy choices by positive role models has a direct impact on students by inspiring continued healthy lifestyle choices. RSU 54/MSAD 54 is committed to providing a school culture that supports staff and student wellness. The schools will provide a physical and social environment that encourages safe physical activity and fosters the development of a positive attitude toward health and fitness. Relevant professional developments will be provided for school staff.


The District will ensure that meals provided by its Food Services Program meet or exceed the nutrition standards established by federal and state regulations (1) and will encourage maximum participation in school meals program. Sales of foods and beverages that compete with the school lunch program (and/or school breakfast program) must be in compliance with the Board’s policy EFE, Competitive Food Sales, Sales in Competition with the School Food Services Program (http://www.msad54.org/district/schoolboardpolicies/policies.shtml#e) This policy serves as assurance (2) that school unit guidelines for reimbursable meals are not less restrictive than regulations and guidance issued by the Secretary of Agriculture pursuant to the National School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act. To the extent possible, school meals shall include adequate time for eating, should be scheduled at appropriate times, will include access to free drinking water, will provide student access to hand washing and/or sanitizing, and whenever possible, lunch will follow recess.

Nutritional Quality of Foods and Beverages Sold and Served on Campus

Meals served through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs will:

  • Be served in a clean and pleasant setting;
  • Meet, at minimum, nutrition requirements established by local, state and federal statutes and regulations;
  • Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables;
  • Serve only low-fat (1%) and fat-free milk and nutritionally-equivalent non-dairy alternatives (to be defined by the USDA); and
  • Ensure that all grains served are whole grains as required;
  • Include access to free drinking water

1 Title 7-U.S. Department of Agriculture, Chapter II-Food and Nutrition Service, Department of Agriculture, Part 210-National School Lunch Program (7 C.F.F. 210).
2 See 42 U.S.C. 1751 (a) (2).