Enrichment Resources - Transfer Students, Furloughs, and Program Reentry

Transfer Students

When a student transfers to the district, ER staff review the student’s cumulative file to ascertain whether or not the student previously received G/T services. ER staff will determine if test scores, grades, and/or other information in the cumulative file indicate that the student should be tested for Enrichment services. If the student previously received G/T services; if the information in the cumulative file indicates the student is of intellectual/academic ability beyond age peers; or if a classroom teacher, parent, or other relevant party refers the student for G/T testing, ER staff will utilize RSU 54’s G/T testing procedures to determine the student’s eligibility to receive Enrichment services.

Program Exit and Reentry

Program Exit

A parent/guardian may remove his/her child from the ER program by submitting a written request to ER staff. A student desiring to exit the program may submit a request with written parental permission. If in a conference, ER staff, the parent/guardian and an administrator determine that the student in ER is unable to succeed in the program or has been placed in the program inappropriately, the student may be removed from the program. A classroom teacher may not deny an ER student the opportunity to attend ER classes because the student is not performing adequately in the classroom or due to other concerns such as behavior or attendance. The teacher must bring concerns to ER staff, and the teacher and ER staff will work together to determine an appropriate solution. If a solution cannot be determined between the teacher and ER staff, there may be a meeting involving the classroom teacher, ER staff, parent/guardian, and an administrator.

Program Reentry

After a student exits ER for any reason, if the parent/guardian requests that the student re-enter the program, the parent/guardian must complete a new nomination form. If ER staff, relevant teaching staff, and an administrator agree that reconsideration is appropriate, the student must again undergo the full battery of district ER testing processes, regardless of previous testing results. The student’s having been previously placed in ER and/or having undergone ER testing does not ensure the student will be determined eligible for ER services.


A student may take a furlough from the ER program. Decisions concerning furloughs are made on a case-by-case basis after a meeting(s) involving ER staff, the parent/guardian, the classroom teacher, and administration.