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School Lunch Update & Changes at MSES and SAHS

Welcome back to school this year!

For years MSAD 54 has participated in a free lunch program through the federal government. The district uses state programs numbers and other data to ensure all students get free lunch. This summer we found out that two schools in the district no longer qualify for free lunch in the Community Eligibility (CEP) program we’ve been in for years. 

There is good news… 1) most schools are still in the program as usual, and free. 2) The two schools that aren’t, can have free lunch for the year provided we collect additional information from our families.

The not as good news… Families of students at Mill Stream Elementary and Skowhegan Area High School will need to complete the following form (also accessible in paper form in the packets kids receive on the first day of school). Families can do this one form for each of their children regardless what school they attend, but they must complete this form for kids attending Mill Stream or the High School. Students attending other schools can continue to fill out the traditional district free and reduced form (which requires less information but is equally necessary for state and federal funding).

For additional information from the Nutrition Director, Jana Wacome, please read this letter: 

Again, all students will continue to eat FREE regardless of their income status for right now. So long as the district is able to collect this information, it’s likely that this program, which is a benefit to our students, families, and taxpayers, can continue for students in the future.  

Thank you,
MSAD 54 Food Services

Title I Program Review

Every year, MSAD 54 invites the public to review the Title I program. This year we are inviting the public to review and comment on MSAD 54’s ESEA application for the school year 2022–2023 at Millstream School from 12 pm–1 pm on Thursday, July 28th. MSAD 54 accepts funding through the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) of 1965. As part of ESEA, MSAD 54 is required to provide opportunities for public comment on the ESEA application prior to submission. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Deidre Mitchell, Title I Director, at (207) 474-9508 or

Updated Lead Testing Results

We are again writing to provide you with an update of the district’s water testing results as part of the state program for all schools to test their water per: LD 153 ( ). Since the end of school, we have received notice that of the lead testing results for several schools including Bloomfield and Mill Stream Elementary Schools, Skowhegan Area Middle School, and both Skowhegan Area High School and Somerset Career and Technical Center.  Each school had individual point of contact (sink, faucet, spigot, etc.) results come back with lead counts higher than what is recommended by the state. Although the buildings had no Bottle Filling stations or Drinking fountains test above the higher 15ppb level, several spigots and other fixtures tested above that level. Below is a letter with information regarding the tests and the action the district will be taking.  

Informational Letter:

For the Public Notice and Testing Results please visit:

District voters approve Consolidated Elementary Building Project

District voters approve Consolidated Elementary Building Project in Skowhegan at $75,338,985. Architects and engineers met with district staff through the end of the year and will be moving through the "Design and Development" phase of the project over the next few months. The district expects to break ground sometime in late 2023/early 2024. The anticipated opening of the building is August 2025. For more details on the building project visit:

MSAD 54 Budget Passes

MSAD 54 budget passes overwhelmingly with over 2/3 of voters supporting the budget increase which amounted to just under a 1% increase to local taxpayers.

All MSAD 54 Schools Out of Lock-in

I’m writing to let you know that just after 1:30 this afternoon all schools went out of Lock in, after police determined that there was no threat to schools. Surveillance video provided by the district allowed the police to identify and question the individual who left school and determined that there was no threat and that this was a situation of miscommunication.

All MSAD 54 schools move into "Lock-In" today out of abundance of caution.

I'm writing to inform you that earlier this morning all MSAD 54 buildings went into "lock-in" as a result of an incident at Mill Stream Elementary School; “Lock-in” means that we have school as usual, but do not have activities occurring outside (recess, physical education, other classes, etc.). This precaution was taken as a result of an unusual interaction at Mill Stream Elementary School today, where a man refused to identify himself at the front door, and left when the principal was called. The Sheriff’s department and local police were notified and we are following their guidance moving forward.